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EORI Registration in the Netherlands

EORI Registration in the Netherlands

Updated on Friday 04th September 2015

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All Dutch companies who perform customs related activities in the Netherlands and all EU Member States must have an EORI number.

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification number is unique. For more detailed information regarding the EORI number and other accounting services our accountants in the Netherlands are here to help.


EORI number format in the Netherlands

The EORI number in the Netherlands contains:

  • -       the country code: NL for Netherlands;
  • -        a unique code or number: the fiscal number of the company; if the fiscal number has less than 9 numbers, it will start with one or two zeros; the EORI number for the Netherlands will always be NL + 9 numbers.


EORI number assignment in the Netherlands

EORI numbers are only assigned to legal entities. Thus, branches cannot have their own Dutch EORI number and must use the one assigned to their head office.

The EORI number is assigned by the EU Member State where the company is established. In the Netherlands, businesses with excise tax permits also receive EORI numbers. This is done to avoid the use of multiple identification numbers for businesses who deal with Customs.


How to apply for an EORI number in the Netherlands

Companies based in the Netherlands have the following two options to receive an EORI number:

  • -       Companies in the Netherlands who have a tax reference number do not need to officially apply for an EORI number (since it is comprised of the fiscal number of the company); all Dutch companies who have had Customs related activities in the Netherlands before July 1st 2009 have been assigned an EORI number.
  • -       Companies who wish to officially apply for an EORI number can complete therespective application form and can choose whether they want to have their EORI number published on the European EORI website.

In order to obtain an EORI number, Dutch companies do not need to provide any document. The Dutch Customs have access to the required information.


Companies based in non-EU Member States can apply for an EORI number in one of the member states in which they operate. The  number is valid in all European Union countries.

Companies operating outside the EU required to provide a document from the trade register no older than 6 months. The European Union has a central database for all EORI numbers available to the customs authorities in member states.

For more information about the EORI number, please contact our Dutch accounting firm



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