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Filing an M form in the Netherlands

Filing an M form in the Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

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The M form in the Netherlands is related to taxation matters. Its name - M form - comes from migration, since this document is required by the authorities from individuals who immigrate or emigrate from the Netherlands within one tax year, and gain profits from more than one country. Since the M form is written in Dutch and needs to be filled by hand, our Dutch accounting firm provides help and counselling to anyone who needs to fill an M form in the Netherlands.

What information are contained in an M form in the Netherlands?

The M form is a quite big document consisting of 43 pages in which you are asked about your income, financial situation and investments in Netherlands. This is a way in which the Dutch authorities can be informed on your business activity, if you immigrated recently in this country. 
The most important questions which can be found in an M form regard your identity and your economic activity in the Netherlands. You are also asked to provide information on your profits, gained in another country within the period that you were not economically active on Dutch territory. 
In order to understand how much money you can obtain as refund from the tax authorities by submitting an M form, you can rely on one of our Dutch accountants who can make the precise calculations for you. 

What is the point of filling an M form in the Netherlands?

If you didn’t live a whole a year in the Netherlands, the M form helps you obtain a refund for those taxes which were charged from your profit for a full year. The taxes that you pay are calculated proportionally to your contribution. So if your profit in Netherlands is less than 19.981 euro, the amount of national insurance contributions cumulated with income tax is of 36.55 % compared to 52%, charged for profits bigger than 67.072 euro.
The M form helps newcomers in the Netherlands reduce their taxes within the first year of business in this country. 
Please feel free to contact one of our accountants in Netherlands in order to help you fill the M form and to understand the whole utility of this document for your prosperity in this country. 


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