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Auditors in Rotterdam

Auditors in Rotterdam

Updated on Friday 04th September 2015

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If you want to open a company in the Netherlands or if you already have a business that requires audit services, our auditors in Rotterdam can offer you professional audit services.

According to Dutch legislation, medium and large companies are required to perform annual audits. This report must be performed by an independent, qualified and registered Dutch auditor.

Accounting companies in the Netherlands are required by law to provide audit services to companies for a period of no more than 8 consecutive years for the same company. The same law stipulates that accounting firms cannot offer both audit services and advisory services.

Whatever your needs, our Dutch accounting firm can provide multiple accounting services.


General audit requirements  in Rotterdam

If your company is medium or large you must submit annual financial statements in the Netherlands. These statements will be subsequently audited by a Dutch expert.

According to law, companies in the Netherlands are categorized according to size based on the following aspects:

  • -       the net turnover;
  • -       the number of employees;
  • -       the declared value of the balance sheet assets.

Small companies have no more than 50 employees and assets that add up to a value of maximum 17.5 m euros. Medium size companies are like the small ones in terms of assets, meaning that their minimum assets value should be 4.40 m euros and the maximum value is of 17.50 m euros. Medium companies have a turnover of maximum 35 m euros and between 50 and 250 employees. In order to be considered large, a company should exceed a medium company in at least two of the values mentioned above.


The audit process in Rotterdam

The auditor is appointed by the general shareholder’s meeting or by the supervisory board or the managing board. The auditor reports to these two boards.

The annual audit report in the Netherlands must conclude that the following conditions are observed:

  • -       the financial statements are a true and accurate reflection of the financial position of the company and its results for the year;
  • -       the financial statements of the company provide information according to the accounting principles in the Netherlands;
  • -       the reports issued by the management board fulfil the legal requirements.

Publication requirements vary depending on the size of the company. The company must publish its annual report no later than eight days after the financial statements have been approved.


If your company in the Netherlands needs personalized financial consulting services or you need audit services, contact our Dutch accounting firm for a detailed offer.