Austria - Netherlands Double Tax Treaty

Austria - Netherlands Double Tax Treaty

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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Austria-Netherlands-double-tax-treaty.jpgThe Netherlands signed about 95 agreements with different countries to avoid the double taxation and to benefit from the advantages these treaties offer for investors and their businesses. The Austria – Netherlands double taxation treaty was settled in September 1970 and entered into force a year later. If you are a businessman looking to establish your presence on the Dutch market, you should ask for details and information about the taxation system  and about the available double tax treaties from our accountants in the Netherlands.

What taxes are covered by the Austria – Netherlands double tax agreement?

The Netherlands has always opened the market for local and foreign investors and successfully eliminated the difficulties related to the international trade with the implementation of double taxation treaties. It is good to know that the agreement between Austria and the Netherlands applies to taxes on capital gains and revenues imposed by one of the two countries mentioned above, regardless of the method in which they are charged.
The corporate, the income, the dividend, and the royalties taxes are covered by the convention between Austria and the Netherlands. In other words, people who live and work in the Netherlands and also obtain incomes in the home country will be levied just once, according to the agreement. 
Our Dutch accounting firm is able to offer proper information about the taxes that need to be paid by overseas investors who do business both in Austria and the Netherlands. You can also receive audit services for your company besides financial consultancy.

The importance of the double tax convention between Austria and the Netherlands

The double taxation treaty between Austria and the Netherlands is available for natural persons and for companies because the tax rate for royalties and dividends are diminished, if certain conditions are applied. The agreement between the two states has settled terms regarding the property taxes or executives' levies.
You are invited to contact our accounting firm in the Netherlands if you want extra information about the convention between Austria and the Netherlands, or if you need accounting services for your business.