Fiscal Year in the Netherlands

Written by: Editor


The successful Dutch businesses could not conduct their activity without a strong financial framework in which to operate. The organization of the fiscal year in the Netherlands as well as the fiscal regulations in this country offer to investors a transparent and efficient structure in which to set up and run companies. You can rely on our Dutch accountants to keep the balance of your financial situation and to make sure that your company is adapted to the requirements of the local institutions.

Key data concerning the Dutch fiscal year 

The fiscal year in the Netherlands is calculated from the 1st of January and ends on the 31th December. In the second month of the year, companies receive invitations from the tax authorities to submit their returns. The deadline for submitting the financial statement is 1st of May. Investors who manage to send the documents before the 1st of April will also receive earlier the evaluation and response from the authorities. By the end of June, company owners should obtain the response from the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration.
Our Dutch accountants can help you elaborate the tax return and guide you towards the relevant institutions in the Netherlands.

Financial statements in Netherlands

Every business in the Netherlands is required to provide an overview on the trade activity to the Dutch authorities, which can be handled in the form of financial statement. This measure is important in order to maintain a safe business climate in the country by verifying that each enterprise is in compliance with the law. Our Dutch accountants can tell you more on what elements need to be included in a financial statement in the Netherlands. 
Investors in the Netherlands should know that updated fiscal information is relevant and useful for the consolidation of the business as well as for the calculation of taxes. Moreover it is one of the most relevant elements in the communication with the shareholders. 
Please contact our accountants in the Netherlands in order to help you with the fiscal documents in your company.