New Tax Rules for Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

Written by: Bridgewest

New-Tax-Rules-for-Entrepreneurs-in-the-Netherlands.jpgLast year, the Dutch government has adopted numerous tax changes, aiming to improve many important sectors and the business environment which was always on top plans for a better function and investment attractions. Local and foreign entrepreneurs are advised to consider the tax changes in the Netherlands and to act in accordance. Our accountants in the Netherlands are ready to explain you the taxation system and the changes that were implemented for companies and self-employed individuals in the country.

Good news for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

Numerous businesses in the Netherlands activate in research and development, generating profits. Starting from this year, such companies will no longer pay the taxes on profits. Another great news regard the investors or entrepreneurs who want to acquire properties or lands for different purposes in the Netherlands. The transfer tax will not be paid if the VAT tax rate of 21% was already included in the final price of the transaction. Land proprietors will not pay the VAT if they do not intend to construct buildings, and the only available tax in this matter will be the transfer tax of 6% rate.
Having a company in the Netherlands requires financial advice and consultancy, audits and help when preparing the annual financial statements, which is why we recommend you to solicit help and guidance from our accountants in the Netherlands.

Foreign stockholders in the Netherlands

The dividend tax in the Netherlands are applicable in accordance with the rules and regulations in this country, but starting this year, overseas businessmen who own shares in the Dutch companies have the right to claim surpluses related to dividend tax. People who want to develop their activities in the Netherlands as self-employed can solicit more working capital in 2017. Foreign companies established in the country should consider hiring long-term unemployed individuals and also persons with disabilities if they want extra tax benefits.
We invite you to contact our Dutch accounting firm for extra information about the taxation system in the Netherlands and the changes that come in 2017.