Why Start a Business in WestHolland?

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Why-Start-a-Business-in-WestHollandWith a strategic location in the middle of the Netherlands, very close to the sea port of Rotterdam and to Schiphol international airport, WestHolland offers many financial incentives to those interested in investing here. With a long history of creativity and innovation, WestHolland is the ideal place for international corporations. Starting a business in WestHolland means easy access to capital, to a knowledge-based environment and to a beneficial taxation system. If you want to start a business in WestHolland and need detailed information about the advantages this area provides, you can rely on our accountants in the Netherlands.

The Advantages of starting a business in WestHolland

WestHolland provides investors with a strategic location in the heart of Europe. With a completely developed railway system and access to shipping and airport transportation, WestHolland is a logistic hub. A highly educated and multilingual workforce is another major advantage of starting a business in WestHolland. The competitive fiscal climate provided by the Netherlands attracts large number of foreign investment in WestHolland region. A network of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation, advanced pricing agreements and a corporate tax rate of 25% are financial advantages for starting a business in WestHolland. The stable Dutch business environment and the economic measures promoted by the local authorities add to the attractiveness of WestHolland in terms of investment. Our accounting firm in the Netherlands can ensure a hassle-free relationship with the tax authorities if you want to start a business in WestHolland.

Investment key sectors in WestHolland

There are plenty of business opportunities in WestHolland for the foreign investors. Here is a list of the main industrial sectors to look into before starting a business in WestHolland:

•    Energy and renewables – WestHolland is a cluster of companies operating in the petrochemical industry and oil and gas industry. Businesses set up in the energy sector in WestHolland profit greatly from the cooperation between investors, science centers and international organizations found in the area around Rotterdam;
•    IT, Tech and Telecom – WestHolland is the epicenter for development in technology and communication industry. If you want to start a company in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics or big data analysis, WestHolland is the perfect business destination;
•    Legal and financing – the International Court of Financial Arbitration has recently established in the region, attracting new financial consulting and audit companies.

If you want to start a business in WestHolland and need accounting services, don`t hesitate to contact our Dutch accounting firm.